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Code of Conduct
Club TPR Code of Conduct

As much as we hate rules, we've gotta have 'em!

1. Club TPR Members MUST obey all verbal, written, and implied park rules! No exceptions! This includes, but is not limited to:
    a. Bringing cameras, recording devices of any kind, or any other loose object on a ride where it is not permitted.
    b. Circumventing any ride restraint system.
    c. Line Jumping.
    d. Visiting a park while intoxicated or under the influence of any illegal substance.
    e. Trespassing into areas not allowed by guests.
    f. Stripping naked and running around the park (Technically it's not posted that you can't do that, but it's implied!)

2. If any Club TPR member is caught or reported breaking any park rules their Club TPR membership will be revoked and they will be banned from Club TPR and Theme Park Review without refund.

3. If any Club TPR member has invited a guest to any Theme Park Review or Club TPR event, they are responsible for the actions of that guest, and if the guest is caught violating park rules or any of Club TPR’s code of conduct rules, then the Club TPR member and their guest will be banned from Theme Park Review and Club TPR without refund.

4. Theme Park Review and Club TPR reserves the right to revoke your Club TPR membership and its privileges at any time for any rule violation or any other reason without a refund.

5. Club TPR members are strictly forbidden to use their Club TPR membership to act as an official representative of Club TPR or Theme Park Review, without the expressed written consent of an official "staff member" of the Club TPR or Theme Park Review. This would include, but is not limited to, participation in: media events, trade shows, or any other industry events. Also included would be: taking "official" photos, conducting interviews, writing articles, shooting videos, or corresponding with park or industry officials on Theme Park Review or Club TPR’s behalf, unless otherwise specifically requested by a staff member of Theme Park Review or Club TPR.

6. Club TPR members may not request any additional discounts or additional benefits of any park other than those outlined in the “Club TPR Membership Benefits” of the Club TPR website.

7. Theme Park Review and Club TPR are in no way held responsible in the event of a change in offerings, services or benefits made at the discretion of an outside partner or participant (i.e. Park or any other Club TPR partner) previously outlined in the membership benefits. Membership benefits are subject to change without notice. Visit http://www.ClubTPR.com for park discounts, benefits and perks entitled to Club TPR members.

8. When visiting a park, attending a Theme Park Review or Club TPR event, Club TPR members are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible, safe, and well behaved manner. At no point should any Club TPR member argue or cause a scene with other park patrons or any member of the park staff.

9. We welcome all Club TPR members to visit parks and write their reviews and reports on Theme Park Review, but please keep your review or report constructive. We want our members to feel that they can report honestly and accurately their experience at a park, but if your report happens to include negative experiences, please write them constructively. A well written constructive criticism can actually HELP a park improve. Poorly written rants, complaints or “flame” posts may result in your suspension from Theme Park Review and Club TPR.

10. If any Club TPR member is caught “sneaking in” a non-member into a Club TPR or Theme Park Review event who has not registered for the event to take part in ERT, meals, backstage tours, or any other activity only available to registered members, that Club TPR member and their guest will be banned from Theme Park Review and Club TPR for life and risk being asked to leave the park and being banned from that park for life.

11. A Club TPR member may not bring a current banned member of Theme Park Review or ClubTPR, or plan a "meet up" with any current banned member, to any Club TPR or Theme Park Review event, trip or any other Club TPR or Theme Park Review activity.

12. If any Club TPR member makes any disparaging comments in a public forum about Club TPR or Theme Park Review, displays threatening or potentially dangerous behavior towards Club TPR or Theme Park Review in person or in writing, your Club TPR membership may be suspended or revoked.

13. If a Club TPR discount is explained as "Buy your Tickets Online" you must buy your tickets online via the parks online store BEFORE visiting that park. If you attempt to use your card on property at a park that is clearly outlined in the detailed Club TPR Member Benefits Descriptions on the Club TPR Member Forum, that your discount can only be redeemed online, your Club TPR membership may be revoked. Example: Do NOT go to a ticket booth or a guest relations office and request your admission discount if the discount is described as "You must purchase your tickets online." (The *ONLY* exception to this rule is if you are an international member where, due to your residential location, you are unable to purchase your tickets online. In this case, you MUST contact a staff member of Club TPR before visiting the park so we can help you sort out your discount. You MAY NOT turn up to a park, show your card, and expect a discount.)

14. Club TPR Members are REQUIRED to obey all rules outlined in this Code of Conduct document as well as the “Terms of Service” outlined on Theme Park Review that you agreed to when you joined the website. Failure to obey these rules may result in your Club TPR and your Theme Park Review membership being suspended and/or banned for life.

If you have any questions, please contact Club TPR or Theme Park Review.

Club TPR Contact Information:

Club TPR/Theme Park Review
7512 Dr. Phillips Blvd. Suite 50-273
Orlando, FL 32819 USA

email: robbalvey@themeparkreview.com



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